Day 6

Another day in the jungles of Costa Rica. We started off the day early at 5:15 to prepare for a breakfast of pancakes, starfruit, and other foodstuffs. From this breakfast, the first group of students set off for a local ranch to enjoy some riding through the cloud forest on horseback. The 2nd group started their ride as the 1st group headed back to the resort to kill some time before heading off to afternoon Mass.  At the end of the Mass, Andrew McGurl shared a prepared message of good will with the congregation.  Following Mass, we returned to Finca La Anita for a Lunch of rice, sea bass, and salad. After lunch, we all sectioned off into our science groups to continue our experiments. Several groups went out into the wilds of the La Anita rain-forest to study the behaviors of wild Atta colonies while others studied captive ones. Both groups that went out to study wild colonies offered differently-treated leaves to the trails of ants that were present with the intention to discover natural substances capable of repelling ants. The groups that stayed behind and worked in the lab tested the ants reaction to large doses of Escovopsis being dropped on their colony. after conducting our experiments we ate a dinner of corn, pork, and salad.  Following dinner we examined Escovopsis cultures and finalized our methods for future experimentation.  Overall it was a great day in paradise.



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