Day 7: Un Día de Ciencia

Buenas noches, muchachos, de “the Cabin Moms” (a.k.a. Clare and Gabby)!! We started off the morning with an optional rosary on Dr. Boldt’s front porch. The rain started before anyone left their cabins and ended around nightfall. We had a fantastic breakfast of eggs, beans and rice, fried cheese, fried plantains, and some yogurt and granola. After breakfast many of us browsed La Tienda (the shop) at Finca La Anita, where some people may or may not have purchased some delicious gourmet dark chocolate.

After breakfast, we all made progress on our science experiments, as today was our final day to work on them. The groups that had field experiments had to take a rain check (haha good one, Gabby) due to the intense precipitation that caused the ants to scuttle back inside their cozy colonies (amazing alliteration, Gabby).

Lunch was greeted warmly as our first American food of the trip–the one, the only, the hamburger! We gobbled ’em right up (great use of slang contractions, Gabby)! After lunch we continued work on our experiments while Dr. Boldt read on the porch because we didn’t need her help 🙂 We were invigorated from our hamburgers and the soundtrack to all three High School Musical movies (great music choice, Clare)! The choir kids especially enjoyed “We’re All in This Together”, but did not excel at their dance routine. Even our teacher, Andy, contributed to the “dance-a-long”! “Fergalicious” has also been a staple “hype-up” song for the entire group throughout the trip.

We had a much needed coffee break at 3:45 that included coffee and a variety of pastries made by the wonderful restaurant staff at La Anita. With the caffeine in our bodies, we charged ahead to finish our experiments before dinner.

At dinner, which was lasagna, we met Pablo and Ana’s daughter, Ana Paula, and two of her friends. They sat with us and we chatted about Spanish phrases we knew, missionary work, school, and cute boys (dang it, Clare, we weren’t gonna say that)! Some of us recalled the camp songs we loved from Girl Scout Camp and serenaded the restaurant. Let’s just say, Finca La Anita is never too quiet with us around!


After dinner we finished making our presentations and headed back to our cabins early to catch up on sleep. Clare and Gabby can smell the sweet aroma of cacao as we compose this illustrious blog post, and might we say, it is quite exquisite. We are looking forward to giving our presentations tomorrow morning!

Buenas noches, muchachos! The jury is still out on whether we are missing you yet 😉

Clare and Gabby

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