SAND- a struggle

Que pasa? It’s ya gorls, Christina and Zoë! We are currently writing to you from the parlor on our last night in Costa Rica. We started our day casually with a delicious breakfast of rice & beans, scrambled eggs, and fried plantain, cooked for us by the wonderfully talented Marvin. After this we were able to once again meet up with Freddy and go on what he called a “short walk” in the dry forest, this took nearly two hours. During this wonderful walk we were able to see white faced monkeys or Capuchins. This was a lovely sight because they are constantly on the move for food and  are not always so easily seen. on the way back, Freddy showed us some leaves that smelled just like fresh guacamole, vines that grow “cat claws” to climb, and an interesting tree that drops pods that can be used as soap. As Freddy likes to say ” Nature provides!” After returning from the walk, a lucky few were graced with the opportunity to get a first hand account of Dr. Boldt’s very own autobiography on how she got her doctorate in microbiology. After returning to reality we were fed a scrumptious spaghetti lunch and then pushed out to get ready for the afternoon outing. A few students carried out a rather intense game of Egyptian Rat Race with Dr. Boldt, who was very amendment about winning, but eventually fell at the hands of her students. We were then corralled into two vans setting out to the beach. We could barely contain our excitement.

Once we arrived everyone piled out and ran to the welcoming waves of Playa Cabuyal beach. The water’s warm and the sand’s soft. We were visited by a fever of curious Manta rays, although some did not find this welcoming. Two rays were a bit to curious and got themselves into sticky situation which required some bi-pedal assistance. Later a few kids were lead by the trusty marine biologist Veronica to the estuary. An estuary is where fresh and salt water meet and form somewhat of a nursery for marine life. We were told that there were also crocodiles in this specific area, so that was an adventure in itself. After a fun day at the beach and a picturesque sunset, we were welcomed back to Horizontes with an amazing barbecue illuminated with string lights and accompanying music. Nothing will ever compare to such a fabulous night. We will now retire to our hopefully scorpion free cabins and patiently await our return to a place where our families await. We have had a great time “roughin’ it” in Costa Rica and cannot possibly give enough thanks to those who have helped get us here and keep us in one piece! THANK YOU! Adios mis amigos!!!! See you on the flip side 😉

last dinner pic Beth


last dinner pic Beth

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